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Server Parameters
Parameter Value
Max build distance from HQ during startup 24
Number of days for startup distance limits 2
Number of grids from HQ where only the player may build 7
Number of days for startup HQ build-free zone limits 30
Starting game credits 2
Spacing in miles between player HQ placements 50
Starting funds 25000000
Allow Players to Use Aliases Yes
Parameter Value
Game Name Oil Empires
Server Oil Empires
Map Size (length and width in miles) 4000
Final rankings & scores published to hall of fame? Yes
Cards available? Yes
Cost in GC for Advisor Access 20
Max distance from HQ for new building construction 50
Number of days that you cannot change your class at the end of the round 7
Starting card points 4
Parameter Value
Hours in an attack cycle 16
Max same target attacks per attack cycle 3
Max outgoing attacks from same base per attack cycle 20
Max level lost in 24 hrs by non-WMD attacks 2
WMD retaliation timer (hours) 48
Max Bunker Population 2500
Cease Fire
Parameter Value
Duration of newbie protection (in hours) 48
Starting cease fire hours 128
Parameter Value
Number of days before end of round that cartels are locked 7
Max members 12
Black Market
Parameter Value
Daily percentage increase in BM unit pricing 30

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