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Game Rules

Read it. Know it. Live it.

  1. Multiple Accounts, Same IP/PC
  2. Each person can have only 1 login to itch. This obviously means you can have only 1 account you use to login. If you play 3 different games and also use the forums, ALL logins to sites must use the same login. You can not use a different login for different games and you cannot use a different login for the forums vs. for the game.

    If you share an IP with someone, you can both still play without restrictions.

    If someone else shares a PC with you that also plays on the same server, then you have the following restrictions:

    • You must pick a different starting quadrant.
    • You can never gang up to attack the same player.
    • You can never steal from each other.
    • You can never send reinforcements to each other.
    • To help avoid accidental violations of the above, it is strongly recommended that you not play in the same cartel.

  3. Password Sharing
  4. You can never, under any circumstances, share your itch login password with anyone for any reason.

  5. Accessing Someone Else's Account
  6. You can never, under any circumstances, login to another itch account for any reason.

  7. Account Transfers
  8. You can never, under any circumstances, transfer your itch login account to anyone for any reason.

  9. Stat Padding
  10. If you allow someone to steal from you, it is considered stat padding. If you steal from someone because they are allowing you to steal from them, it is considered stat padding.

    Stealing from a farm is NOT considered stat padding.

    The ONLY time you may allow steals, is if you are attacking your own cartelmates. These steals don't improve your stats and if you want to steal from each other, go ahead. For purposes of allowed attacks, sister cartels and allied cartels are NOT considered to be the same cartel.

  11. Friendly-Fire WMD Attacks
  12. You can not fire a WMD at someone to help them get WMD protection. All WMD attacks must be valid attempts to inflict pain on the target player.

  13. Exploits & Bugs
  14. If you have ANY doubt if what you are doing might be considered an exploit, then you need to post it in the forums AND not use the exploit until you get clarification from an admininstrator.

  15. Overly Abusive Behavior
  16. Any form of real-life threat, or overly abusive behavior can lead to an account ban.

  17. Script Kiddies
  18. Any attempt to automate any aspect of the game or data collection from the game are bannable offenses. Do not install any script into your browser for use in the game!. Not only is it bannable, but it's also an easy way for someone to steal you login information.

  19. Terms of Service
  20. If you haven't read the terms of service, then you should. Yeah, they are insanely long, but you play this game for hours and hours, right? A few minutes to make sure you know the TOS is worth it to not get banned, eh?

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