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When do the timers run?
Timer schedule is as follows:

Crude Oil Production - :10, :40

Distribution Sales - :20, :50

Refining Operations - :15, :45

Business Income - :59

Player Score Updates - :01

How do I make money?
There are 3 ways to generate money:

  1. Selling fuel through your Distribution Centers
  2. Stealing it from other players
  3. Building income producing buildings like resorts, stadiums, etc.

How do I attack?
First, train/build your military units in a military facility such as an Outpost, Military Base, Air Base, etc.

Then, click any other player's building and you will have the option to attack it.

You can only use units from a single military facility in an attack and you must have enough fuel for the number of units and distance you are sending them.
Why do you reset the game every month?
Oil Empires is a round-based strategy war game. Think of a game like Monopoly or Risk or Axis & Allies. OE is meant to be an online twist on these types of games. It is not designed to be played like World of Warcraft where you are building a character in a game that never ends.

The game is played by thousands over the course of about a month. When a round ends, all player accounts are reset and we start a new round.

This allows all players to start from the same starting line every round. The start and end dates for the current round are in the header of every page.

Your Game Credit balance and your cartel affiliation stay in tact after a reset. Everything else (buildings, units, location on the map, messages, etc.) are scrubbed clean.
What's the point?
To build the biggest empire while helping to protect your cartelmates and annihilate your enemies, of course!

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